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Extra Innings: Episode 7

Daniel and I discussed many facets of the legendary 1992 Duke-Kentucky game in episode 7. However, there was one extremely important item we neglected to cover: Christian Laettner’s mom. Beginning in the second half, the CBS cameras broadcast multiple shots of Christian...
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Extra Innings: Episode 6

During our talk in episode 6, Wendy and I mentioned the postgame edition of Kiner’s Korner, featuring the longtime Mets announcer interviewing Dwight Gooden. Here is that Kiner’s Korner segment, or at least as much of it as I have at my disposal. The thing I was most...
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Extra Innings: Episode 5

As you might expect based on my proclivities, I have quite a bit of extra material from and pertaining to the game featured in episode 5. As Greg and I discuss, the daytime setting and the preponderance of signs on display in the crowd gave this game an almost classic feel....
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Extra Innings: Episode 4, The Pedro Game

In this week’s episode, I tell a tale involving a bygone Great Adventure attraction called The Salty Dog. If you want corroborating evidence that this thing actually existed and was as evil as I depicted it, check out this Great Adventure fan page. Scroll down a bit to peep...
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Extra Innings: Episode 3, the Rick Ankiel Game

As Jason and I discuss in episode 3, the 2000 NLCS had quite a bit of hype attached to it before the series began, with folks anticipating a hotly contested battle and a revival of the 1980s Mets-Cardinals rivalry. Neither of these outcomes materialized, but this clip from the...
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